Course image MySMU Test page

Page for Apps team to create resources for testing MySMU app functions.

Created 15th April 2024 for testing push notifications re: deadlines.

Course image MSc Sport Rehab Test page

Created 15th March 2024

Owner: Kelly Kaulback

Set up by TEL with module template as base for development of a programme-specific template

Course image Employability Test Page

This is a test page to see if we can use tiles and accordion in a way that makes it easier for students to find the relevant information they need.

Course image Julia Brennan Test Page

Test page for Julia Brennan for trialing changes for Academic Development Moodle pages

Course image New Moodle training module

New Moodle training module

Supporting training sessions for Moodle 4.1. July/ August/ September 2023

Course image Library and Hub Test Page

Library and Hub Test Page

For familiarisation with Leganto process

Course image Learning Development Lecturers Test Page

Course page for learning development lecturers to test Moodle features.

Course image Jerome Brewster Test Page

Jerome Brewster - Junior Full Stack Developer sandpit area- for testing features and development

Created 24/11/22

Course image Service Desk Team Test Page

Service Desk Team sandpit area- for testing features

Created 28/4/2022

Approved by TEL

Course image Paul Stapley Test Page

Paul Stapley- Learning Designer sandpit area- for testing features

Created 11/1/2021

Approved by Bing Choong- Head of TEL