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Book Past TEL Training Videos

This is a catalogue of videos of past TEL training organised by key topics. 

Recipes for Online Teaching (Staff) Page Building Connection
Page Structure and Navigation

Page Learning Agreement
Page Content Presentation
Page Content Delivery
Page Maintaining Connection
Page Collaboration Strategies
Page Assessment and Feedback
Page RASE Pedagogical Model
Page How to use RASE Pedagogical Mapping?
Moodle Help Guide (Staff) Page Creating and Configuring a Moodle Assignment

Step-by-step guide to creating and configuring a Moodle Assignment. For support with complex setups or marking workflows, please contact the TEL Team directly. 

Page Using Moodle Scheduler
Page Creating Moodle Groups
Page Mid-module evaluations
Page Accessibility Statement

A short accessibility statement from the Technology Enhanced Learning team.

Page Accessibility Statement - Mahara

Accessibility Statement - Mahara

Page Accessibility Statement - Turnitin

Accessibility Statement - Mahara

Turnitin Help Guide (Staff) Page Creating a Turnitin Assignment

How to create and configure a Turnitin assignment.

URL Online Submission Policy

This document aims to provide clear guidance, principles and operational procedures in support of online submission outlined in the University’s Assessment Policy.

URL Interpreting the Originality Report

Turnitin's own guide to interpreting the Originality Report, including settings that can be changed to exclude various matches. For further guidance on this, please contact the TEL Team.

Page Top Tips for Online Learning

Teaching and Learning Capture Help Guide (Staff) Page How to publish a Panopto video to a Moodle page
Step-by-step guide on moving your video to the right folder and then inserting into Moodle.
URL Getting Started with Panopto (Video Guide)

NOTE: There is NO need to opt-in or sign-up to TLC to use Panopto. This requirement has been temporarily suspended to minimise any barriers for staff adopting Panopto to support remote teaching and learning.

Page Panopto - Recording a video
Page Panopto Webcasts
Page How to Publish a Panopto Video to Moodle
When you create a recording using Panopto, by default it will save to your personal Panopto folder. Students and other staff members do not have permission to view your folder, so you should move the video to the correct folder before publishing.
Page Teaching Room Equipped with TLC

A list of rooms equipped for Teaching and Learning Capture

Vevox - Polling Software Help Guide (Staff) File Introduction to Vevox - PDF presentation

Delivered to staff at the TEL User Forum by Vevox on 1st October 2019, these slides provide a useful introduction to Vevox, its capabilities, and suggestions for use.

URL Apply for a Vevox Account

To use vevox yourself complete the form and someone from will approve your access. You will then receive an email invitation to get started, usually within 1 business day from

URL Vevox - Getting Started

This Vevox support video gives a good introduction to various modes and capabilities in Vevox, including how to run polls and surveys, how to set up for presentations, and to set up PowerPoint. Please note that the last section, upgrading to a Paid account, is not relevant to your St. Mary's account. 

Migrating to 20/21 modules (Staff) Page Importing Previous Modules

How to import 19/20 content into 20/21 modules.

Page New modules: importing the template

How to import the Moodle template into new modules for 20/21.

Page Populating your Module: Completing the Template

How to fill out the module template to meet the essential requirements.

Page Adding a File, Activity or Resource

How to add a file, activity or resource to your module.

Page Searching for a File

How to search for a file.

Page Moving, Deleting, Editing and Hiding Sections and Content

How to move, delete, edit and hide sections and content.

Page Unhiding Modules
How to release a hidden module to students.
Page Adding Quickmail

How to add the Quickmail block to a module page.

Recipes for Online Learning (Students) Page Being Connected
Page Being Professional
Page Being Safe and Well
Page Being Engaged
Moodle, Mahara and Online Submission Help (Students) File Student Responsibilities - Online Submission Policy

Students should read and understand the online submission policy. This outlines the university's policies and expectations for all students around submitting work online, including using Turnitin.

Page Your Moodle modules: tour
Page Submitting a Moodle Assignment
Page Submitting an assignment to Turnitin
URL Turnitin: Viewing the similarity report
URL Turnitin: Interpreting the similarity % score
URL Video Submission on Panopto

This screencast shows how you can create or upload a video via Panopto to be submitted for assessment.

File Mahara Guidance for Students
Guidance in creating a portfolio template, populating it, and submitting it via Moodle Assignment.
TEL Training Booking (Staff) Book Missed a session or need a reminder?
Access recordings and slides here from TEL Training delivered in 2021.

Or email

Image shows an academic sat at computer raising his hands in achievement.

Banner Images for Modules (Staff) Lightbox Gallery General

General pictures for banner images

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Sports/Sports rehab images for banners

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Science/Lab pictures for banners.

Lightbox Gallery Psychology

Banner pictures for psychology

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Banner images for drama and acting

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Banner images for nutrition

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Banner images for theology

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Banner images for education

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Banner images for law

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Lightbox Gallery Humanities
Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Staff) URL Getting Started with Skype for Business (Video Guide)
Page Using a forum
Page Moodle assignments
Page Marking guide
Page Feedback