• Introduction

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    The St Mary's University Registry provides a wide range of administrative services and academic support for students throughout your time at St Mary’s - from admission to graduation.  

    We are based on the 1st Floor of J Building,  directly above the Students' Union Bar.


    registryservices@stmarys.ac.uk for queries relating to modules, Leave of Absence, Programme Changes

    exams@stmarys.ac.uk if you require a transcript or have a query regarding University Level Extenuating Circumstances

    Contact phone numbers

    Registry 020 8240 8153

    Exams 020 8240 8155

    Opening Hours

    We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

    Student Portal 

    You can request letters, changes to your programme, take a leave or withdraw through your student portal. 

    • Academic Regulations

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      Students should familiarise themselves with the Academic Regulations. A copy of them can be found here
      • Useful Registry Information

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        Verification Letters:

        Students can download their own Verification Letter, Council Tax Exemption Letter and Bank Letter from the student portal. 

        Note: Only students studying for 100 credits or more (full time) will be able to claim for Council Tax exemption.

        Module Changes:

        Module changes can only be made within the first two weeks of each semester. Late module changes will not be accepted. To change a module, students must complete the module change form and follow the instructions on the form. Your Programme Director must approve the change in order for Registry to action your request. Please note that changes are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and room capacity where necessary.

        The module change deadline has passed for the rest of this academic year.

        Course Changes:

        Students can request to change course through the student portal. It is advisable to speak with both Programme Directors before requesting this change. 


        Leave of Absence:

        If you wish to take a break from your studies, please discuss this with your Programme Director in the first instance. Students will need to complete the online request through the student portal.

      • Student Visa Information

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        Chris Hebbs - UKVI Immigration and Compliance Manager

        Tarina Dixon - UKVI Immigration and Compliance Officer

        1st Floor, J Block

        • University Level Extenuating Circumstances (EC)

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          Each Programme has an Extenuating Circumstances process for students who wish to apply for and submit work within 15 working days of the original submission deadline. 

          The University Level EC process is for dates outside of this and for written examinations. 

          A copy of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy can be found here

        • Programme Level Extenuating Circumstances

          Not published to students

          Extenuating Circumstances Applications that will be considered by the Programme

          ·         Written coursework

          In exceptional circumstances where it is feasible*, to arrange an additional assessment prior to the exam board, the board will also consider the following

          ·         Missed practical exam

          ·         Missed viva exams

          ·         Missed presentations

          where the application is within 15 working days of the submission/ set date.


          *In the event of it not being feasible to rearrange an additional practical, viva or presentation exam prior to the exam board, the student will have to apply via the University Extenuating Circumstances board

          Programme Level EC applications

          Applications for extenuating circumstances for late work submission should be handed into the Programme Administration Hub on the first floor of J Block to room J123 or emailed to shasadministration@stmarys.ac.uk or ehssadministration@stmarys.ac.uk 

          If you are applying for a Programme Level Extension for a WPL module, please send your EC form to amanda.jackson@stmarys.ac.uk with the subject heading "EC request for WPLXXXX followed by your regnum"

          The application should include

          o   Extenuating Circumstances Form

          o   Evidence to support claim (as appropriate)

          o   Coursework (Hard copy, if in line with submission requirements but preferably an electronic document, submitted with claim form. Turnitin submission by arrangement with module tutor)

          A copy of the Extenuating Circumstance policy can be found here

        • Academic Misconduct

          Not published to students
          Academic Staff can make referrals if they suspect an assignment may show signs of Academic Misconduct.

          Students should make themselves aware of the possible reasons for Academic Misconduct and the outcomes that can be given if a finding is made, these can be found within the Academic Regulations

          Students can access support throughout the process from either Niamh Moore, SU Education President, or Advent Advocacy who can be contacted through the Student Union. 

          The decision of an Academic Misconduct Panel is taken to the University Exam Board. If students are unhappy with the panels decision, they may submit an Academic Appeal via the Academic Appeals Procedure. 

          If making an appeal, students should be reminded of the following clause within the Academic Regulations:

          29.3 A student may not present extenuating circumstances in mitigation of any type of academic misconduct.


          • Academic Appeals

            Not published to students

            If you are unhappy with a decision made at the University Exam Board, you can submit an Academic Appeal against the decision.

            There are strict grounds you must meet in order to have a successful appeal. Section J of the Academic Regulations explains these grounds.

            Please note, as published in the Academic Regulations, Section J, point 1.5:

            Students may not appeal against the academic judgement of a marker or the professional/academic judgement of an assessor of school experience or other placement.

          • Student Disciplinary Information

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